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Who is Ruthless Americans?


Ruthless Americans was founded in 2008 with the idea of being an honest to goodness, American-made clothing brand. We represent the American dream, and we honor hard working Americans whose work may go largely unnoticed. At Ruthless Americans, we strive to be the brand that represents all the good that you do. You are the backbone of America, you drive us to be better every day, and we are proud to call you family.


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Why "Ruthless"?


We don't look at the word "ruthless" in a negative way. We define oursleves as "Unapologetically Ruthless", meaning to be passionate about our country, life and those who make this nation greater than it was yesterday.


What is the significance of the bandit?


The bandit logo has it’s origins in the mind of the Ruthless Americans founder. A strong belief system and a determination to not settle for mediocrity. 


   The skull is symbolic of the knowledge that underneath our outward appearances we are all more alike than different. 


   The American flag bandanna is a nod to the versatility of our being. The garment itself is incredibly versatile. Not only is it used as a neck scarf. It can also be used to cover your mouth to protect from dust and other flying debris. You can use it to wipe the sweat from your brow.  Or as a rag to clean anything. It’s also been used as a sling or tourniquet. And the American flag design is the nod to our national symbol. And a reminder that we are under its protection of liberty and justice for all. We are all here for the American dream.


   The iconic cowboy hat is the nod to our heritage. The hat has a real purpose for it’s design. First of all the hat protects you from the elements. It acts as a visor. Also it stops the sun from beating down on your head. Stops the rain from going down your back. It also symbolizes the indomitable spirit that is the American west. The courage and determination to carve out a great civilization from the wilderness. And let’s be honest. Nobody looks bad in the right cowboy hat!


   The logo is also more than the sum total of it’s parts. Quite frankly it’s just bad ass!


Are all your products made in the U.S.A.?


Yes! When we say we are a TRUE U.S.A. brand, we mean it. This ideal is at the heart of our company. Some companies may market themselves as an "American brand", but part of their processes are still done overseas or in other American territories so they can cut costs. Every part of our process from manufacturing to distributing to printing is done here in the U.S.A. with the help of our partners that share the same values as us.


What is DTG (Direct-to-Garment) printing and what are the benefits?


All of our shirts are DTG printed which gives a precisely printed design with a high level of detail. The design and ink are absorbed into the fibers, giving the shirt a clean and smooth finish. The DTG method creates a long-lasting, durable design. This means that you can expect a great quality shirt from Ruthless Americans, even after washing and wearing multiple times.


What is your return policy?


You can view our return policy here.


How do your shirts fit?


For your convenience, you will find a sizing chart within each product listing.


Will your shirts shrink?


No. All of our shirts are made with pre-shrunk cotton, so they will stay true to size.




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