The bandit logo symbolizes the character and spirit of the Ruthless Americans founder. A strong belief system and a determination to not settle for mediocrity. 




The skull is symbolic of the knowledge that underneath our outward appearances we are all more alike than different. 




The American flag bandanna is a nod to the versatility of our being. The garment itself is incredibly versatile. Not only is it used as a neck scarf, it can be used as a face covering to protect from the elements. You can use it to wipe the sweat from your brow after a hard days work and it can also be used as a sling or tourniquet.



The American flag design is a nod to our national symbol, a reminder that we are under its protection of liberty and justice for all. We are all here for the American dream.




The iconic cowboy hat is a nod to our heritage. The hat has a real purpose for it’s design. First of all, the hat protects you from the elements. It acts as a visor, it stops the sun from beating down on your head, the rain from going down your back and it symbolizes the indomitable spirit that is the American west. The courage and determination to carve out a great civilization from the wilderness. And let’s be honest, nobody looks bad in the right cowboy hat!




The Bandit logo is more than the sum total of it’s parts. Quite frankly it’s just bad ass!



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